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Parking Collection Machine
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Parking Collection Machine

Parking is a very growing industry in india and world where managing parking is very tuff task to parking holders . after a longer research in parking segment , Elite palm It Solution Launch A machines for managing parking issue . Elite palm Offer Parking Ticket issueing Machines , that is a handheld machine operated by battery And very useful and easy operated machines. Through Our pay and parking machines Parking holder can generate a parking ticket at time of entry of vehicle , that parking ticket having information about , vehicle types , entry time ,date and etc ,

Our parking machines can be used as 2 types

  1. Manually calculation of rent – In this parking machine ,parking holder give a ticket at the time of entry and manually calculate About fairs at the time of vehicle outing ,like , 1 hours = 20 Rs, 2 Hours = 50 Rs etc ( you can also fix fair in this parking machine where you have to select hours in machine and parking ticket will generate )
  2. Automatic parking machines – in this parking machine a barcode generate on ticket at the time of vehicle entry , and a second parking machines will read that barcode at the time of outing of vehicle and generate a ticket having right parking fair

Advantage of Our parking machines

  1. Our parking machine is very easy operated
  2. There is no manipulation in our parking machine after installation only authorized person can change fairs and other information with the help of a password
  3. Our parking machines can be attached with computer and you can download data in your pc.
  4. Our machine is battery operated so no need to worry about electricity.

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