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Petrol Pump Billing Machine
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Petrol Billing Machine

We elite palm It solutions developed many types of billing machines Petrol pump billing machines is one of them. Elite palm Offer Petrol Pump Billing Machines , that is a handheld machine operated by battery And very useful and easy operated machines.

Features of our Petrol pump Billing Machines

  1. Our petrol Pump Machine generate a bill Of Your Products , where you can give product info. Vehicle No and customer name also
  2. Our petrol pump Billing machine can Store credit sale also
  3. Through Our petrol Pump Machine You can generate different report , like product wise sale report, operator wise sale report , total sale report. Etc
  4. Our petrol Pump Machine can be connect to a computer for data downloading

Advantage of Our petrol pump Billing machine

  1. Our petrol pump Billing machine is very easy operated
  2. There is no manipulation in Our petrol pump Billing machine after installation only authorized person can change fairs and other information with the help of a password
  3. Our petrol pump Billing machine can be attached with computer and you can download data in you pc.
  4. Our petrol pump Billing machine is battery operated so no need to worry about electricity .

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