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Van Delivery Machine
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Van Delivery Machine

Van Delivery machine is an ideal companion for your delivery sales vans for activities like Spot Billing, Payment Collection, Order Booking, Sales Returns and transferring information to your Back-end software application package without data entry. This machines is wildly use in Chanel sales system like- Dealer ,Sub Dealer, Distributor & Stockiest systems. Van Billing Machine carry these basis informations. For Bill- Clients name Clients Address (optional) Clients contact details (optional) Clients ,tin, cst no.(optional) Clients last Balance. Products stock Products rate Product Vat Product discount Special discount. Maximum product quantity for sealing a client.

For payment collection Payment mode

  1. Payment date Chq No. Bank name Chq amount . And balance amount. Advantage of machines.
  2. Proper information about sales and returned stock.
  3. Bill can be use as a P.O.
  4. Proper information about collection amount.
  5. .Customer can know their remaining balance on daily basis.
  6. Dilvring agents can know the remaining stock of product so they can save their time And make accuracy in product delivery system.
  7. You can book next day order from machine which can help you for maintaining a Smooth delivery system.
  8. Collected data can be received in computers so you can store it for a long time.
  9. Use of machines finish all the field work of registers and hand made bills.
  10. Save cost & Time.

The reporting is beneficial in making a perfect track of the whole business Types of reports.

  1. Sales report.
  2. Customer wise sales Report.
  3. Product wise sales report.
  4. View complete report.
  5. Duplicate report.
  6. Operator daily sales report.
  7. Return stock report.
  8. Discount Report.
  9. Collection report.
  10. Balance payment report.
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